Member of Parliament for Scarborough-Guildwood (LPC)

“I am grateful to be supported by my fellow APPG Co-Chairs in promoting the fighting against forced labour and child labour in supply chains act, S-211 in the Senate and C-243 in the House of Commons.” – MP McKay

MP John McKay is serving his ninth term in the House of Commons. He has used his position in Parliament to work on anti-slavery files in Canada, calling for transparency and accountability in global business and development. In 2018, he first introduced a private members’ bill to adopt the Modern Slavery Act.

Independent Senator for Quebec

“Whether through strategic discussions, conversations between parliamentarians, and a sustained presence on social media, I have witnessed the non-partisan commitment of my fellow APPG co-chairs to roll back these appalling human rights violations here and abroad.” – Senator Miville-Dechéne

Before being appointed in 2018, Miville-Dechêne had a long career in the public service sector as an award-winning journalist. Since her Senate appointment in June 2018, Senator Julie Miville-Dechêne has presented Bill S-211 on modern slavery, founded the Canadian Association of Feminist Parliamentarians, and serves on other Parliamentary groups.

Member of Parliament for Shefford (Bloc Québécois)

“We will have to continue to be proactive in order to propose solutions for this problem that is unfortunately still far too present in our societies.” – MP Larouche

Throughout her life, Andréanne Larouche has been involved with her community through project management and volunteer work. After successfully running for office in 2019, MP Larouche serves as the Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women and became a Co-Chair of the APPG during the spring of 2020.

Member of Parliament for Peace River – Westlock (CPC)

“The APPG is making a difference in the fight against human trafficking in Canada and abroad and I look forward to continuing our work together to advance solutions.” – MP Viersen.

Elected into the House of Commons in 2015, Arnold was a founding Co-Chair of the All-Party Group to End Modern Slavery in 2018. As an MP, he has used his voice to amplify the testimonies of sexual exploitation survivors. Arnold is an advocate against online sexual violence and human trafficking and is a member of the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs.  In 2015, his motion M-47 unanimously passed resulting in a health study about the effects of degrading sexually explicit material on Canadians.

2022-2023 APPG Members

Ziad AboultaifConservativeMember of Parliament
John AldagLiberalMember of Parliament
Salma AtaullahjanConservativeSenator
Yvan BakerLiberalMember of Parliament
Kelly BlockConservativeMember of Parliament
Pierre-Hugues BoisvenuConservativeSenator
Yvonne BoyerIndependentSenator
Richard BragdonConservativeMember of Parliament
Larry BrockConservativeMember of Parliament
Bev BussonIndependentSenator
Colin CarrieConservativeMember of Parliament
Paul ChiangLiberalMember of Parliament
Michael CooperConservativeMember of Parliament
René CormierIndependentSenator
Mary CoyleIndependentSenator
Marc DaltonConservativeMember of Parliament
Rosemarie FalkConservativeMember of Parliament
Ted FalkConservativeMember of Parliament
Kerry-Lynne FindlayConservativeMember of Parliament
Brian FrancisProgressiveSenator
Rosa GalvezIndependentSenator
Garnett GenuisConservativeMember of Parliament
Marilyn GladuConservativeMember of Parliament
Iqra KhalidLiberalMember of Parliament
Annie KoutrakisLiberalMember of Parliament
Damien KurekConservativeMember of Parliament
Shelby Kramp-NeumanConservativeMember of Parliament
Andréanne LaroucheBloc QuébécoisMember of Parliament
Leslyn LewisConservativeMember of Parliament
Tony LoffredaIndependentSenator
Yonah MartinConservativeSenator
John McKayLiberalMember of Parliament
Marilou McPhedranIndependentSenator
Heather McPhersonNew Democratic PartyMember of Parliament
Julie Miville-DechêneIndependentSenator
Ratna OmidvarIndependentSenator
Kim PateIndependentSenator
Jamie SchmaleConservativeMember of Parliament
Gerald SorokaConservativeMember of Parliament
Shannon StubbsConservativeMember of Parliament
Rachael ThomasConservativeMember of Parliament
Tako van PoptaConservativeMember of Parliament
Karen VecchioConservativeMember of Parliament
Arnold ViersenConservativeMember of Parliament
Cathay WagantallConservativeMember of Parliament